Virtual Festival

So What’s the idea?

What is this Virtual Festival?

Well ,we will be building an E-Community, Gaur Purnima Festival Attendees Community. This would be exactly like the physical  community of devotees when they attend in person. There will be different parties of devotees as per their yatras. The best Yatra would be duly rewarded . There’ll be several reward categories to not only give devotees the big time real experience but also to make them feel belonged .

How it is going to be different from any live telecast of the activities?

Good question there !!

So first, this is not going to be just a live broadcast of the series of festival nor is it going to be any common show case on any social media platform. 

You see when we physically attend this season, we can attend one or max two events in a day because  there are so many things going on simultaneously, live lectures by amazing speakers, elephant procession, keertan mela, Adhivaas, boat festival , Parikrama , Jagannath mishra feast, Ganga puja and what not . And every single day ends with a guilt feeling for missing something important . It’s like you you see beautiful destinations on Facebook and wish to visit each one of them but you can’t and you sulk within.

Same way it is difficult for anyone to be present in all the festivals at a time. 

So we want to extend this facility to devotees to help them attend all the nine festivals in a span of few days and draw unlimited mercy. 

Infact it’s going to be like 56 bhoga on your plate every single day .

Every day from 12th-29th March devotees would be  asked to join the zoom link (that’d be exclusively shared with registered devotees only) as per their local time where they’d have an access to a one hour video capsule in which we will share the most compelling glimpses of all the events of that day, in a condensed form. All the auspicious happenings that would have transpired  in Mayapur during that day would flash in that video. Amidst that Zoom meeting will be interactive quizzes and questions answered by our acaryas. Quiz/game/activity winner would be sent substantial gifts from Dham right at his/her doorsteps .

So it would of course be happening here but would be felt there !!

Can  you please summarise!!

Sure … So you see, there’s God realisation, call it physical presence in Navadweep, there is realisation of the  Brahman, watching the live telecast on but there’s a middle thing too, realisation of the Parmatma, the super soul , that’s where you can feel the auspicious  presence of the elevated Vaisnavas ,the devotees and even interact with them .

Hope we could drive the point home.

So no point waiting ..just click the link and get yourself registered for an immersive spiritual experience.

Srila Narottama Dasa Thakura says: 

sri-gauda mandala-bhumi yeba jane chintamani

tara haya vraja-bhume vasa

 “One who knows the Gaura-mandala-bhumi, the abode of Lord Gauranga, is transcendental and qualified to live in Vraja-bhumi.”

We invite you join us and “know” the Gaura Mandal Bhumi, intricately this year.

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