Kirtan Mela

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Power of sound  is profound, tangible yet mystical . Scriptures prescribe invoking of our love for Krishna, our ever blissful spiritual consciousness through the medium of the sound vibrations of the Mahamantra.

Kirtan or the musical chanting of the holy names has the power to open our hearts and reconnect our natural state of love and joy by bringing us in a mood of devotion.

In its heart felt expression, kirtan can induce profound states of devotion  and bliss

The Kirtan Mela’s prime purpose is to give every human being the chance to observe their minds and hearts in the continuous transcendental chanting of the Holy names in a momentous Vaishnava assembly.

It focuses on developing our dedication, service and love for our long-lost friend, Lord Sri Krishna.

Kirtan Mela – 2021 Schedule

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